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It’s the summer of 1975- the year before the Sex Pistols released Anarchy in the UK – Bob Marley is playing live in London – “No woman , no cry ” is high in the charts. Paul Simon is “still crazy after all these years “. Pink Floyd “Wish you were here ” are preparing for Knebworth, with The Steve Miller Band. Jefferson Airplane have recently become Jefferson Starship. Patti Smith debuts “Horses “, Bowie – “Young Americans “. Dylan has released “Blood on the tracks “,The Grateful Dead  “Blues for Allah ” and Led Zeppelin are on the road.

Moi aussi !

I’m sitting in “The Pudding shop ” in Sulthanamet – Istanbul – the infamous meeting place for travellers heading for or returning from India/Nepal – the crossroads between East and West. Here you could meet like-minded souls and exchange travellers tales of Afghanistan and the mystical beyond! I had spent the previous month on trains – extensively using my £21 Interail pass – which had got me as far as Greece , and now in Turkey I was rapidly running out of cash! The road to Kathmandu was beckoning – my soul was stirring ! Travel was in my blood ,inherited from my grandfather, Gordon Thompson, famous missionary doctor in China in the 1920’s who went exploring Tibet at that time.

to be continued ……