Lampshade Five Pointed Star, Red Spirals

//Lampshade Five Pointed Star, Red Spirals

Lampshade Five Pointed Star, Red Spirals


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Used for decorations these stars create a soft and beautiful light that can bring magic to any occasion.

25 in stock


The stars are from Goa originally and were seen around Christmas as Christmas stars for the Catholic community.

The Stars are made out of Paper & tissue and sometimes a sprinkle of Glitter depending on the design. 

This five-pointed star is a lampshade it does not come with any fittings. 

However, they are easily assembled and tied with a string on the side of the star.

We suggest a 60w or low energy light bulb as the ideal for inside.

Point to point the Stars full spam is 60cm 

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Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm